Board and Committee Memberships

The Board of Directors of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation has a diverse combination of skills and attributes that complement the nature of our business and support the Company’s long-term strategic focus. The Board reflects a broad range of leadership, professional skills and experience; corporate governance and board service experience; experience in the markets in which we conduct business; economic and financial expertise; industry experience; public affairs experience; and entrepreneurism which, when taken as a whole, have been invaluable in the execution of our strategic plan.

Employee Directors
Audit Committee
Compensation Committee
Corporate Governance Committee
Investment Committee
John R. Schimkaitis
Chair of the Board
Eugene H. Bayard
Thomas J. Bresnan
Audit Committee Chair
Ronald G. Forsythe, Jr.
Thomas P. Hill, Jr.
Dennis S. Hudson, III
Paul L. (Jay) Maddock, Jr.
Michael P. McMasters
President and CEO
Investment Committee Chair
Dianna F. Morgan
Compensation Committee Chair
Calvert A. Morgan, Jr.
Corporate Governance Committee Chair


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