Financial Discipline

Our Financial Discipline – A tried and true test for growth and shareholder value

Financial discipline requires us to plan with clear, realistic economic objectives and to deal with the real facts, taking corrective actions when needed. We examine new opportunities with strict financial measures, looking at near-term earnings and long-term growth. We will not undertake projects that do not meet the required hurdle rates. We are committed to maintaining steady growth and considering strategic acquisitions that will further strengthen and diversify our businesses. Practicing this discipline is not just the domain of our financial team, it’s a trait shared across all of our businesses. When our business unit managers look at opportunities, one of the first things they do is probe the economics. Understanding our customers’ needs and staying disciplined enable us to cultivate projects that can deliver the required economic benefits for our investors.

CPK has generated a compound annual return for shareholders of 14% or greater for stock held longer than 10 years and at least 19% in recent periods.

For periods ending December 31, 2017
Source:  Bloomberg

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