FPU Stock Conversion

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On October 28, 2009, Florida Public Utilities Company (FPU) merged with Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (NYSE:CPK). As a result, FPU common stock ceased trading and all former shares of FPU common stock became CPK common stock at an exchange ratio of $0.405 shares of CPK common stock for one share of FPU common stock.

If you are in possession of an FPU common stock certificate or have FPU shares held in book form, please contact CPK at the address or phone number below as soon as possible. It is imperative to have the required paperwork executed by the shareholder in order for the account to pay a dividend to the shareholder. Prior period dividends since the merger are accumulating for all former FPU shareholders whose accounts have still not been officially converted over. All prior period dividend funds will be paid immediately upon receipt of the required paperwork.

If you own FPU shares, please contact:

Georgeson Securities Corporation
Toll Free Phone: 877.278.4409
Toll Free Fax: 866.775.2706

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