Paul L. Maddock, Jr.

Mr. Maddock is the Chief Executive Officer and Manager of Palamad, LLC, a

real estate holding company located in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties. Mr.

Maddock is a member of the Board, Corporate Governance, and Executive Committees

of W.C. & A.N. Miller Company, a real estate company in Washington, D.C. He served

as a Director and member of the Audit, Compensation and Executive Committees of

FPU prior to its acquisition by Chesapeake Utilities. He previously served as Director,

Audit Committee Chair, and Executive Committee member of Lydian Bank and Trust, as

well as a member of the Boards of PRB Energy, Inc., Wachovia Bank of Florida, 1st

United Bank and Trust, and Island National Bank and Trust. Mr. Maddock is the

President of THRIFT, Inc., a Palm Beach charitable organization, Member and Director

of The Everglades Club, and Director of The Brown University Sports Foundation. Mr.

Maddock is a former Director of the Good Samaritan Hospital.