Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
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Black History Month honors the achievements and contributions of African Americans, past and present.

It’s a time to celebrate and elevate the inspiring stories of heritage, culture, discovery and triumph which, form and enrich our history and continue to be central to the growth and success of the nation.

Black History Month is also an opportunity to share insights and solutions that highlight our shared history as Americans and help break down biases and barriers year-round to improve equal opportunities and enable inclusion for everyone.

Black history happens every day and is an important part of the story of “us.” It should be communicated and understood as part of the overall story. Black history is a thread that runs through the timeline of our nation from its beginning, and we should take the time to learn about and celebrate the contributions of African Americans. By doing so, we create bridges, through education and conversation, that bring us closer together as a community inside and outside of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation.

William Hughston
VP and Chief HR Officer


The Black Employee Network Employee Resource Group

Join the Black Employee Network (BEN) employee resource group as we celebrate Black History Month across the Company! The Black Employee Network has dedicated their talents and time to develop several events and activities that will take place throughout February.

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