Chesapeake Utilities Corporation is dedicated to the safety of our customers and the communities we serve. We have a long history of operating our businesses safely and in a manner that people trust. We have developed a safety program that focuses on the reliability of the services we provide our customers and communities. Our ACEs program provides continuous training to our employees, giving them the tools they need to ensure safety both on and off the job site.

Whether your energy use is electricity, natural gas, and/or propane, call 811 before you dig. Digging in your area without determining where utility lines are located can cause injury, disrupt services and can result in fines and costly repairs.

Call before your dig! For more information about 811, click here.
Pipeline safety…it’s a job for everybody!

Safety is the number one priority for our natural gas transmission and distribution and propane distribution businesses. While the industry has multiple safeguards in place such as odorizing gas with Mercaptan, which gives it the “rotton egg” smell, as well as federal safety standards for all pipelines which protect customers, it is important that customers actively participate as well through some of these methods:

  • Maintaining their gas appliances
  • Calling 811 before they begin any excavation project
  • Reporting the smell of natural gas or propane immediately to their gas utility

The public should be aware of potential shock hazards associated with electrical distribution equipment. It is important to follow safety signs, keep away from electrical transmission and distribution power lines, look up when working near lines and call 811 before you dig. Work safely and do not touch any power lines that are down. Always respect electricity and be safe!

Chesapeake’s businesses have won industry safety awards presented by the American Gas Association, which represents more than 200 local energy companies that deliver clean natural gas throughout the United States. Our Delmarva Natural Gas division, Chesapeake Utilities, and our transmission subsidiary, Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company, have each received eight AGA Safety Achievement Awards over the last decade.

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