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Safety Values

Our Safety Values guide our decisions, actions and interactions — individually and as a Company. These values highlight the fundamental beliefs that we share on our Journey to Safety Excellence.

All Workplace Incidents Can be Prevented

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our contractors and the public. In every instance, protecting the well-being of workers and the public requires strict compliance with policies and procedures, including our Safety Values.

All Workplace Hazardous
Exposures Can Be Controlled

We believe that all workplace hazardous exposures and uncontrolled releases that may result in injury, illness or environmental damage can be prevented. We strive to eliminate hazards and minimize risks by implementing effective safeguards, such as fail-safe control systems, warning and detection devices, and automatic safety devices to reduce the risk.

Company Leadership Is
Responsible For Safety

Leaders are responsible for safe operations and the protection of workers under their care. This includes accountability for establishing and maintaining a safe work environment through the application of our Safety Management System. This also includes establishing, regularly reviewing and updating policies and procedures; providing the proper equipment; completing appropriate training; correcting deficiencies promptly; and ensuring that procedures are followed.

All Employees/Contractors Are Committed To Working Safely

People are the most important element of our health and safety program. Chesapeake Utilities Corporation expects employees and contractors to take personal accountability for the safety of their co-workers, the general public and the assets they operate. Our success depends on the commitment of all members of the organization. Employees/contractors must be accountable for consistently following our Company policies and procedures as well as all applicable regulations, codes and standards. Working safely is a condition of employment.

Continuous Assessment
And Improvement

Our Journey to Safety Excellence includes continuously improving our safety performance through field and operational assessments as well as the diligent application of quality and safety assurance practices and processes. We observe cause analysis and commit to learn from weaknesses in our safety systems, promptly addressing our findings and communicating what we learn across the organization.

We Are Committed To A
Culture Of Safety 24/7

Our concern for the safety and health of employees extends beyond the workplace. An off-the-job injury is as painful and impactful as one suffered on the job. We encourage our employees to demonstrate their leadership and excellence in health and safety practices for the benefit of their families, friends and community. An engaged workforce is a key building block of a healthy safety culture.

Public Awareness

Our customers and other residents who live near our gas facilities rely on us to operate safely. The protection of the public and the environment is a top priority. At the same time, our communities are integral to the safety of our gas distribution systems.
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