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Our Businesses

“We often find great investments that others miss or judge to be too small or not core to their business. One of the reasons we find these opportunities, is that we actively look for them. Our business development efforts are coordinated across all of our operating units. Many of our growth investments involve more than one of our businesses, such as constructing transmission pipelines that serve our distribution utilities, expanding our virtual pipeline services — which extends our market areas — or building a profitable CHP plant that also enables margin opportunities for our gas transmission, gas distribution and electric distribution businesses.”

Jeff Householder, President and CEO

Natural Gas Transmission

Our natural gas transmission business services large industrial, power generation and natural gas distribution customers, primarily in Delaware, Florida, Maryland and Ohio.

The major transmission initiatives recently completed and currently underway are a result of our ongoing commitment to provide new service and supply optionality to our customers and to meet the growing demand for energy that is reliable and at a low cost in the region.

Natural Gas Distribution

We are committed to the economic growth of our communities and to the expansion of natural gas infrastructure in a manner that reduces emissions and produces long-term savings for customers. Our natural gas distribution operations purchase natural gas from marketers and producers and maintain contracts for transportation and storage with several interstate pipeline companies to meet projected customer demand.

Electric Distribution

Our electric distribution operations do not compete directly with other distributors of electricity for residential and commercial customers in our service areas. We do compete with other electricity suppliers and alternative fuel providers for sales to industrial customers. Some of our large industrial customers may be capable of generating their own electricity, and we structure rates and service offerings to provide options for existing and potential customers.

Propane Distribution

Our propane operations complement our natural gas operations, offering additional service options for our customers while strengthening our diversified energy portfolio.