BravePoint®, Inc. a leading provider of Progress® and QAD® consulting, training and database services, has become the first and only QAD partner to earn a QAD Accredited Partner Program certification.

About the QAD Accredited Partner Program
QAD’s Accreditation Program was designed for QAD to enlist the most qualified and skilled resources to help customers deploy QAD solutions. QAD Accreditation gives BravePoint the tools to differentiate its services from non-accredited competition, highlight client success through joint promotion with QAD and drive higher consulting value delivery.

 The QAD Accredited Partner Program core elements include:

  • Financials
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Management
  • EE Foundation-Implementation

BravePoint’s President, John Harlow, stated, “We are proud of this accomplishment, and it is a testament to our QAD team’s expertise, our dedication to our clients and our loyalty to QAD technologies.”

About BravePoint
Headquartered in Norcross, Ga., BravePoint, Inc. is a leading provider of consulting, training, and application development for a variety of clients worldwide. Since 1987, BravePoint has applied business experience and technology expertise to improve customers’ profitability and competitiveness with the use of technology. BravePoint is a subsidiary of