Norcross, GA – BravePoint®, Inc. a leading IT Services company that specializes in applying technology expertise to improve customers’ profitability, announced today the release of Pro2TM – Oracle Edition – a utility for easy, real-time replication of Progress OpenEdge® data to an Oracle® database. Businesses using multiple database technologies can move and manage large volumes of data between platforms – without downtime—providing greater flexibility in reporting solutions or corporate disaster recovery initiatives.

“We are happy to offer this tool to our customers with both OpenEdge and Oracle technologies,‖ said John Harlow, President of BravePoint. “Pro2 – Oracle Edition is the latest addition to our BravePoint Replication Suite, allowing customers to easily and quickly extract data from their Progress database to Oracle for reporting, business intelligence, or any other replication purpose.”

Pro2 – Oracle Edition can

  • Replicate all ABL data types.
  • Selectively map tables and fields within a particular database set.
  • Automatically replicate completed transactions.
  • Generate Oracle statements to create Oracle tables.
  • Support multithreading.
  • Support near-real time replication and scheduled replication.

Alex Oliveri, BravePoint Vice President, said, “With this and other tools in our Replication Suite, the management of data between multiple database technologies is handled through a single application. These products are popular with our clients because data is migrated between applications efficiently in a simple, configurable, and easy to maintain manner.”

Graphical Administration Tool
It’s easy to monitor database details