Dover, DE – Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (NYSE: CPK) is committed to bringing more natural gas to the Delmarva Peninsula including areas in Maryland and Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Through the Company’s interstate natural gas transmission pipeline, Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company (ESNG), and its natural gas distribution division, Chesapeake Utilities, the Company aims to expand its service offerings to new areas. Natural gas is safe, clean, reliable, affordable and domestic, and promotes economic development while preserving the environmental integrity of a region.

ESNG Proposes Further Development within the Delmarva Peninsula and Pennsylvania
ESNG has initiated a nonbinding Open Season for its Market Hub Services and Pipeline Expansion Project, which would expand the availability of natural gas on the Delmarva Peninsula and the neighboring region. Through this project, ESNG would reach communities and businesses currently not served by clean natural gas, and provide additional natural gas service.

“Our Company has a long history of safely meeting the growing demand for energy while tailoring our services to fit the unique needs of an area. We’re committed to preserving the Eastern Shore’s environment and bringing natural gas to the region in a manner that best suits the energy needs of our communities,” said Michael P. McMasters, President and Chief Executive Officer, Chesapeake Utilities Corporation. “We look forward to building on recent service area expansions including those in Worcester and Cecil Counties, Maryland and Eastern Sussex County, Delaware.”

“ESNG is committed to serving our customers and communities on the Delmarva Peninsula. We’ve done so for the past 60 years, as evidenced by our recent investment of more than $100M to add significant firm transportation pipeline capacity and enhanced reliability in the region through our 2017 System Expansion Project,” said Jeffrey Tietbohl, Vice President, Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company. “We believe the project will generate jobs and lower energy costs in the area. In addition, increasing the availability of natural gas serves as an attraction for businesses looking to relocate to buildings or industrial parks that use natural gas. Natural gas service provides long-term benefits for residents, businesses and the community at large.”

Chesapeake Utilities Demonstrates a Track Record in the Region
Continued efforts to increase the availability of natural gas is also made evident by Chesapeake Utilities, the Company’s natural gas distribution division and its subsidiary, Sandpiper Energy.

“We are committed to providing natural gas to communities throughout Maryland and Virginia’s Eastern Shore and Delaware that will result in long-term savings for consumers, reduced emissions, and job creation in communities,” said Aleida Socarras, Vice President, Chesapeake Utilities. “With an abundant supply of