Dover, Delaware — Natural gas prices for Chesapeake Utilities’ residential customers could decrease by 18 percent if the Delaware Public Service Commission approves the request. The Company filed an application to reduce its Gas Sales Service Rates for Delaware customers on September 4, 2009, and has requested the rate change to be effective for service rendered on or after November 1, 2009. Upon approval, the average residential heating customer can expect to save as much as $32 on their monthly winter utility bill.

The rate decrease request comes as a result of further reductions in wholesale natural gas prices. Chesapeake Utilities has been purchasing gas at these lower prices to serve customers during the coming winter months. The cost of natural gas is strictly a pass-through of charges incurred by Chesapeake Utilities and no profit is earned on these costs or as a result of this charge.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer our customers the lowest natural gas rates since 2003,” explained Jennifer Clausius, Manager of Pricing and Regulation for Chesapeake Utilities Corporation. “With the winter heating season quickly approaching, that’s especially good news in this economy.”

The average residential heating customer using 700 Ccf per year will experience an annual decrease of approximately 16%, or $17 per month. During the winter heating season, the average residential heating customer using 110 Ccf per month will experience an annual decrease of approximately 18%, or $32 per winter month.

Chesapeake Utilities applied for a rate decrease in January 2009 which resulted in a monthly savings of 12% or as much as $25 per month on a residential heating customer’s winter utility bill.

The typical annual scheduled adjustment date for changing the Gas Sales Service Rates is November 1. The November 1 rates are based on the projected cost of the natural gas for the twelve-month period November through October.

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Natural gas is a clean, green, abundant fuel that is most efficient when used directly for space and/or water heat rather than in a combustion turbine to supply electricity for the same purposes. Natural gas is a convenient, reliable fuel piped underground and readily available, even during snow storms, hurricanes and floods; plus, the natural gas delivery system has one of the bes