Eight Flags Energy, LLC

Eight Flags Energy, LLC provides electricity and steam generation services through a combined heat and power (CHP) plant on Amelia Island, Florida, serving approximately 50% of Amelia Island’s demand for electricity. The CHP plant produces electricity, steam and water with less air pollutants and water usage, meeting an 80% efficiency target and cutting overall energy consumption in half.

Eight Flags Employee

Enhancing Resiliency

The $40M CHP Plant is powered by natural gas transported by our subsidiary, Peninsula Pipeline Company, and our Florida natural gas distribution operations.

In early 2022, Chesapeake Utilities Corporation successfully blended hydrogen with natural gas to begin powering the CHP Plant. The Eight Flags CHP hydrogen blend test project provided real-world operational data that will help demonstrate the practical use of hydrogen blended natural gas in an industrial application.

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Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (“Chesapeake Utilities”) is an energy delivery company publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “CPK” (NYSE:CPK). Chesapeake Utilities is not, nor has it ever been, affiliated with Chesapeake Energy Corporation.