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Jeff Householder

A Message on Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Jeff Householder, President and CEO

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation is committed to a workplace that embraces a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion. We reject bigotry and intolerance in every form. These are not just words. We link our stated values to our actions. It is the combination of diverse people and ideas that makes us strong.

Thoughtful dialogue and purposeful, immediate action will move us in the right direction. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council that we formed to consolidate our efforts and accelerate our actions throughout the Company is a good step. The EDI Council reports directly to me and I have made it a priority that we move quickly and decisively.

Our Company has an obligation to be a leader in the communities where we live and work. Our customers, the very people our businesses serve, represent a multitude of races, religions and ethnic groups. Chesapeake Utilities Corporation employees have a long history of assuming leadership roles and supporting, through contributions and volunteerism, organizations that serve these diverse populations. But that’s not enough. We are a respected organization in our communities and we need to speak out and promote real change to the benefit of everyone. We have to increase our efforts to support the improvement of relationships between people in our service areas. We must take those steps that demonstrate our commitment to a leadership role in overcoming intolerance, prejudice and hate.

We are all accountable for treating each other with respect and dignity. As a Company, we should set the bar for responsible action and lead by example. We have an opportunity to continue to make Chesapeake Utilities Corporation a better place to work, and we have the responsibility to make our communities a better place to live.

I look forward to walking this road together, finding a way, each day, to make a difference.